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21-Jun-2019 01:16

Caretakers describe Franny as confident and calm with a love for carrots, yams, cucumbers and apples.

She joins Wolee, a 43-year-old male pygmy hippo, at the Zoo’s pachyderm habitat. Read More If you’ve visited the Zoo recently and wondered, “Hey, where’s Eko? Eko, a five-month-old Sumatran tiger cub, and brother to Ramah, Gusti and adopted sister Zoya , is currently on den-rest (vet’s orders) after sustaining an injury to his left hind leg.

Throughout the winter months, our animals continue to voluntarily participate in training...

Read More Compared to animals in the wild, those in human care tend to live significantly longer lives, sometimes doubling life expectancy.

The reticulated python has moved into a bigger, better and more exciting habitat.

The reptile and amphibian department has renovated her old slithering grounds into a baby nursery.

The entire pachyderm animal care staff was monitoring Niki’s behavior...

” Whether it’s cold or stormy, animals at the Oklahoma City Zoo stay warm, cozy and safe when inclement weather strikes.

Read More Because sea lions spend the majority of their day swimming, our team of marine mammal caretakers ensure that the water temperature remains between 70 and 75 degrees throughout the colder months.

While the Zoo's sea lions are always provided with access inside, their natural layer of blubber also works to maintain a comfortable body temperature when seasons change.

The Zoo’s great apes, including chimpanzees, Western lowland gorillas and Sumatran orangutans, are very smart...

Read More OKC ZOO WELCOMES (ANOTHER) HIPPOPOTAMUS FOR CHRISTMAS History repeats itself as the Zoo welcomes a new hippopotamus in time for the holidays Just in time for the holidays, the Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden has welcomed a 26-year-old female pygmy hippopotamus, Francesca.Our clinicians' dedication and expertise can help you regain your independence and pursue the activities that you love.